Tim Erickson Visit

We are hosting a Tim Erickson for a day!

This day will be held on Monday 28 November, 2022. The venue for this day is Pataka Art + Museum, in the Helen Smith Room. The address of Pataka is 17 Parumoana Street, Porirua.

Tim Erickson will be speaking about CODAP (The Common Online Data Analysis Platform), which is increasingly being used in classrooms to help students explore data. He will speak to its use for both mathematics and statistics, and give you some practical ideas on how to use it in your classroom. 

Please fill out the form using this link to show your expression of interest in attending this event. 

Program for the day

8.30am: Registration 

9.00am: Mathematics workshop 1

10.15am: Morning tea* 

10.45am: Mathematics workshop 2

12.00pm: Lunch* 

12:45pm: Statistics workshop 1  

2.00pm: Brain break 

2.10pm: Statistics workshop 2

3:25pm: End of day

*Morning tea and lunch will be provided. 

The Model Shop Book

Tim will be sharing materials in the mathematics workshop from the book "The Model Shop". A sample of the book is here. WMA plans to give away 25 books to the first 25 people who register for the workshop!


Tim Erickson is a freelance math, science, and data educator from California. Most recently, he has worked extensively with The Concord Consortium to help develop CODAP (The Common Online Data Analysis Platform) as a free, effective, and accessible tool for data exploration at school and university levels. 

Mathematics workshops 

CODAP is a free, dynamic, web-based tool for data analysis—but where could it fit in a maths unit? We think that data can be a bridge between the concrete and the abstract, and help students make meaning in mathematics. For example: When we say that sides of similar figures are proportional, what do we really mean? CODAP helps students test that idea and broaden their understanding. And when we claim that exponential functions appear in real life, students justifiably ask where. CODAP can help students see real-life applications. We will take measurements and build simulations that yield data that can foster mathematical insights. We even have modelling activities that will give you ideas of what to do in your classroom. 

Target audience: Year 11-12 teachers of mathematics (and statistics) 

Statistics workshops 

CODAP is a free, dynamic, web-based tool for data analysis, designed for use at the school level. It’s very easy to make your first graph in CODAP and start to explore your data—but there is so much more! In this introductory workshop, we will quickly cover the basics, and then go on to learn some of CODAP’s more powerful features by doing activities we have used with students. You will learn how to introduce CODAP; how to make a wide variety of graphs and visualisations; how to get data into the program; and how to use CODAP to open the door to Data Science. We will also show you the most important tricks for using CODAP in the classroom. We even have a web-based “textbook” introducing data science for you and your students. 

Target audience: Year 6-11 teachers of statistics (and mathematics).