Mathswell is an annual competition run by the Wellington Maths Association. Students from year 5 to year 11 are invited to participate in teams of 6. Mathswell aims promote the enjoyment of Mathematics and challenge our students

Entry fee 2022

  • Entry for 2022 is free

  • Email entries to Bruce Welsh:

Multi-choice format

  • 2 rounds of 15 questions, 10 minutes each round.

  • The 15 questions are given out at once. Students choose how to work on them.

  • A separate answer sheet will be provided on which will be recorded the answers for marking.

  • After 5 minutes, 5 answers must be given to the marker to mark while the other questions are being worked on.

  • No correspondence with the marker is permitted.

Problem solving format

  • 2 rounds of 13 questions, 15 minutes each round.

  • Questions are given out one at a time.

  • The team works together on the question and writes the answer for the marker to mark. If correct the next question is given.

  • If not correct the marker will say wrong (without explanation) and a second chance is provided.

  • After the second chance answer is provided the next question is given.

  • At any time the team can choose to pass on the question. A passed question can not be returned to.


  • After the first round of multi-choice and problem solving questions, the teams will be ranked and the top 10 teams compete for the cup and the other teams compete for the plate.

  • Prizes are awarded on the night to the top three teams in the cup and plate sections. In the event of a tie, a count back will be undertaken on the problem solving questions.

  • The team with the most first time correct answers will be declared the winner.

General Information

  • Each team needs to provide a marker (teacher or parent). The marker will be swapped to mark a different school. The marker needs to bring an internet capable device for marking (e.g. phone) with available data.

  • Mask wearing is at each participant's choice.

  • Each school may enter one team of 6 students per competition. In mixed year group competitions (Y5/6, Y7/8) any combination of year mixes of students is acceptable. For smaller schools, the team of six may be made up with students from lower years. However, such students can only compete in one evening's competition. E.g. a Y10 student is the 6th member of a Y11 team for school X. This student can not enter the Y10 competition.

  • For the first round three students do the multi-choice questions and the other three do the problem solving questions.

  • For the second round the teams of three remain the same but swap to the other question style they did not do the first time. E.g. first round team A does multi-choice and team B problem solving. For the second round B does multi-choice and A does problem solving.

  • Calculators may be used but without internet access.

  • Spectators are welcome but must not communicate with team participants during their competitions.

  • Y5/6 and Y7/8 competitions are being held at secondary school venues so all teams can be accommodated in a single venue.

  • The organiser's decision on the night is final and no correspondence will be entered into.