WMA Mathswell Poster Competition 2023

The WMA is holding a poster competition alongside the 2024 Mathswell!

Entries are now open.

The Mathswell organisers invite Wellington region school students to enter the second inaugural WMA Mathswell Poster Competition. 

Our aim is to encourage students to engage with mathematics and statistics through creating a piece of work that can be reproduced as a poster. 

We are looking for original pieces of work that reflect the theme "The wonder of numbers". 

Posters need to be: 

If being produced electronically , consider using software like Canva. 

Prizes of a $100 gift voucher will be awarded to the winners of each Mathswell year level - Y5/6, Y7/8, Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12/13.

Entries will close midnight the 9th of August. All entries will be displayed at Victoria University during the Mathswell competitions. The winners will be announced at the competition.

Entry Rules


Please address any queries to: Bruce Welsh, maths@welsh.co.nz

Entries are closed for 2023.