Dr Frost PD

The Wellington Mathematics Association is excited that Dr Frost is currently conducting a World Tour and will be offering PD in Wellington on June 7th!

This PD will take place at Wellington College, 2.30 to 4.15pm, on June 7th, 2024. The venue is the prep room, at Wellington College. When you arrive at Wellington College sign in at reception and they will point you through to the Prep room which is very close by.

Please fill out the form using this link to show your expression of interest in attending this event, by the 17th of May

This session will be on inspirational mathematics in the real world. This will also include training on how to make the most of the Dr Frost platform in your department, as well as previewing aspects of the new version of the platform they are launching in September.

For further information on Dr Frost please see these links: