We are hosting a PCT day for provisionally certified mathematics teachers in the Greater Wellington Region!

This day will be held on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. The venue is Victoria University, Room AM104 (Alan McDiarmid room, opposite Swimsuit (which used to be Wishbone)). 

The PD will have 3 sessions, on various topics. Please see the session details below for more information. 

Please fill out the form using this link to show your expression of interest in attending this event. Please register by 5th of June for catering. 

Program for the day

8.30am: Registration 

9.00am: Session 1

11am: Morning tea* 

11.30am: Session 2

1pm: Lunch*

1.30pm: Session 3 

3.30pm: closing karakia 

*Morning tea and lunch will be provided. 

Sessions overview 

Session 1: Exploring strategies for teaching mathematics and statistics in ways that are culturally responsive and sustaining

Summary: In this interactive session we will share, explore, discuss and integrate into lesson design a range of strategies for enhancing focus on culturally responsive and sustaining practice when teaching mathematics and statistics. As we will link to Tataiako and Tapasa, refamiliarising yourself with these documents prior to our session will be useful. 

Bio: Dr Robin Averill is an Adjunct Professor in Te Whānau o Ako Pai and Honorary Research Associate Wellington Faculty of Education, Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington. With an extensive background in primary and secondary school mathematics education teaching and research, Robin has taught in mathematics initial teacher education and at Master’s level, and now carries out education consultancy work and thesis supervision. Robin is passionate about all learners being able to enjoy and have strong mathematics learning success through consistently experiencing rich, positive and successful mathematics learning experiences. Robin has been an active presenter of talks and workshops at many regional and national mathematics teacher conferences, demonstrating ways of teaching consistent with this philosophy. Robin has published extensively on teaching and learning culturally sustaining for ākonga Māori and Pacific heritage learners, evidence-based primary and secondary school mathematics teaching, numerous research-based journal articles and book chapters, and many mathematics teaching resource books.

Session 2: Universal Design for Learning Planning Tool

Summary: In our session we will explore how Universal Design for Learning can support us to plan for learner variability 

Bio: Chrissie Butler is a Principal Adviser in accessibility and inclusion at the Ministry of Education. Chrissie has worked across the sector from early childhood to tertiary and is a specialist in Universal Design for Learning.

Session 3: Pre-adolescent and adolescent brain development

Summary: In this session we will focus on pre-adolescent and adolescent brains and how biological processes underpin behaviours we may see in the classroom. The session will also touch upon some de-escalation strategies that can be used in classrooms 

Bio: Dr Jaclyn Meredith. has been at the MoE for 3 years now (after moving to Wellington with her husband and two children). Dr Jaclyn Meredith is a clinical psychologist and her PhD investigated social understanding and communication in children with ADHD. Dr Jaclyn Meredith completed her clinical training at Otago University and her PhD at Otago Uni and OIST (Okinawa Institute of Technology and Science) in Japan.